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1. Ahir Bhairav is the first Assamese film almost completely made in London by British Indian producer Dr. Ranen Sarma under RONDEEP PRODUCTIONS Ltd (UK). The film was made in September 2006 and was released in Guwahati (ASSAM/ INDIA) in April 2007 after it had its premier show in DELHI and CALCUTTA in march 2007.


2. Dr. Sarma is probably the first assamese Non-resident-Indian in the world to make the first assamese feature film from London which is a gift for the people of Assam.

3. Ahir Bhairav has five award nominations at New York Independent Film Festival in February 2008 and received best director (international) Award at New York International Festival in April 2008. This film was screened in New York in February 2008 at international festival, at west Hollywood L.A (USA) in July 2008 at international festival. It was seen by quite a number of people in Atlanta (USA) by assamese community during their assamese convention in July 2008 and was appreciated by very many people.

4. The film was personally distributed by Rondeep Productions to twenty two centers in Assam in villages and small towns in both upper and lower Assam and shown to the public by LCD DVD projector to about fifty thousand people in open space free of charge and in twelve days. People not only has seen the world-class film but also aware about the illness Schizophrenia that is the main subject of the film. Dr. Sarma made a small video speech to the public explaining the illness and the solution how to deal with it before every film screening.

5. Rondeep Productions has organized 19 doctors for all these twenty two centers and he has trained the local doctors about this illness and also advise them how to tackle this illness in more economical way at village level. The idea is to not only to help the people awareness of this illness but also find a solution in a more practical way for continuous care and more affordable way. This is a unique model of shared care between a local Doctor and a Psychiatrist to look after the mental patient who lives at village level. Since patient lives in village the local doctor is very important to look after the patient  and psychiatrist see the patient once or twice a year and advise the local doctor and that way the patient doesn't have to travel to the psychiatrist too often and saves the cost of traveling and hotel accommodation. This is a British way of dealing with this condition. Dr.Sarma is a General Practitioner working at British Health Service in london for 30 years.

6. Dr. Sarma and Rondeep Productions has proudly dedicated this film to Dr.Sarma's grandparents and able to tribute them by achieving the prestigious award at New York (USA). Dr. Sarma screened Ahir Bhairav to a few thousand people in a large open space free of charge in Charingia Jorhat Assam/India and this being the birth place of his beloved Grandparents to whom he dedicated this film and the people have appreciated the work.

14 November 2008