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Ahir Bhairav
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Ahir Bhairav,
Songs of the Dawn

Schizophrenia is still a riddle to medical science. It is a deep-rooted mental disorder characterized by the sufferers’ inability to maintain a balance between the thought process and the emotions. In our society and even in the educated classes, there is still a social stigma attached to schizophrenia, which can be hereditary.   


This condition not only complicates the life of the sufferer, but also of those around. The story is about three generations of educated Indians caught in the vortex of this dilemma and how they psychologically struggle to come to terms with the lives of schizophrenia victims in their midst.

The film tackles this sensitive subject from a social prospective, dealing mainly with social implication of this mental health issues and its impact on those in close contact. It highlights the trauma of those around a sufferer and how they cope. It shows how shying away from the issue can make the lives of those around, miserable. But at the same time the compassionate understanding of a sufferer’s predicament enables them to extend, to deal with the dilemma they find themselves in. It broadly attempts to create a greater understanding of the condition.

The film is a unique and bold attempt to make people aware about the alarming rise of this condition caused by the complexities of modern life. The film tries to see this problem through a human angle and set an example of tackling it in a positive way, by bringing about a ray of hope to the distressed