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Elora Buruah - Assam Concert

Assam Concert -

On 3rd of April 2007 Dr. Sarma on behalf of Rondeep Productions has sponsored an evening concert at Sri Manta Sankar Deva kolakhetra in Guwahati/Assam/India to tribute the musical Gurus of Assam for their tireless dedication for the music students of Assam. We are proud to tribute to a few respected Gurus such as (late) Mr. Tafatzul Ali (Poet and composer), Mr. Paresh Mishra (tabla), Mr. Ajit Dutta (vocal), Mr. Siben Banerjee (vocal) and Mrs.Minoti Khound (violinist) as a token of love and respect to them from Rondeep Productions.

We also take the opportunity to release the CD and Audio Music cassette of our film Ahir Bhairav that had a premier show in Anuradha cinema hall Guwahati/Assam/India on 6th of April 2007. We also introduced the playback singers who has also performed songs and dance.

Rondeep Productions is very grateful to the organizers of the event. They are Mr. Hemanta Goswami (music director of Ahir Bhairav), Mr. Diganta Barua (business man) and his wife Mrs. Elora Barua for their tireless work for this event without them this event wouldn't be possible.








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