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Ahir Bhairav
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Director/ Siba Prasad Thakur

National award winner, Siba Prasad Thakur is a veteran film director of Assam. Since his debut film “Mamata” in 1973, he has made several super hits like “Bowari”, “Ghar Sangsar”, “Son Maina” and etc.  “I was very honored to be the first on Dr. Sarma’s list to be asked to lead this project. At the same time I felt a great weight of responsibility as a filmmaker. With this two things in my mind I decided to fully engage myself in this admirable project in which I believe will become part of the Assam film history”.

Purabi Sarma

Purabi Sarma has vast experience in acting in TV programs and films, dancing, mobile theatre and radio acting.

Purabi has acted in numerous films (Assamese and Indian) and worked alongside renowned directors such as Siba Prasad Thakur (Ahir Bhairav, Sun Maina and etc). The director Dhiru Bhuyan also won her an award for best actor in “Pratham Ragini”.

Bidyut Chakravarty

Bidyut Chakravarty was not just the leading actor in Ahir Bhairav but also the associate director. Bidyut directed number of featured films including “Rag Birag” (Golden Lotus – for Best 1st feature film in 1997), “Nisiddha Nadi”( Best Director/ Jyotirupa Media Awards for Best Direction), “Gun, Gun, Gane,Gane” (Best Director and Jyotirupa Media Awards for Best Direction/Best Film), “Anuraga” (Jyotirupa Media Awards for Best Direction)

Mridula Barua

Mridula Barua has acted in more than 60 Assamese feature films. She has also acted in Bengali and Hindi serials.Mridula has won eight awards for best actress and has also been recognized for her contribution towards Assamese film industry.Mridula has also produced more than ten documentaries for the State of Assam.

Kapil Bora

Kapil Bora is a regular drama artist of all India radio. Having lent his voice for several radios plays and programs. Has hosted several television shows and has also acted in several television serials.

He bagged all the prestigious debutant awards for his debut film “Gun, Gun, Gane, Gane”. Thereafter has acted in highly successful and also as critically acclaimed films like; “Mon”, “Bidhata”, “Kadambari” and  “Aastaraag”.

Zerifa Wahid

Zerifa Wahid started her acting career as a child artist and since she has played various roles including leading roles in feature films and TV serials. In 2002 Zerifa won an award for best actress award performance in the feature film “Agnisakshi”.

About Assam
Assam is known as the land of “Red River" and "Blue Hills" located south of the eastern Himalayas. It is the eastern most state of the Indian union. Flowing through an evergreen land is the Great River Brahmaputra. It is famous for the tiger in Manas and has successfully conserved the one-horned Indian rhinoceros from near extinction in Kaziranga providing one of the last wild habitats for Asian elephant. Apart from natural resources it is also very rich in mineral resources like petroleum, coal and limestone. The first oil refinery in Asia was established in Digboi, Assam in 1901. Assam tea is a very popular beverage around the world.

The population which has grown into a greater Assamese society originated from mixed textures and shade of Autristics, Davidians, Mongoloids and Aryan giving it’s people a very colorful culture of music and dance in the air all around. Once upon on a time Assam was known as the home of Trantricism in India centring the Saktipeeth Kamakhya Temple situated at Nilachal Hills near Guwahati. But by the end of fourteenth century Srimanta Sankardeva gave a new definition to the Neo-Vaishnavite movement, which united the people of different caste, creed and tribes into a composite society. This society is a distinctive element of Satriya culture of dance, drama and music enhancing the lives of the people of Assam covering all aspects of spiritual, social, humanistic, artistic and literacy.

Any visitor to this State will be greatly impressed with its unique natural beauty and greenery all around, as well as the multiplicity and diverse ethnic culture of the people residing in Assam.