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Elora Buruah - Assam Concert

Elora Baruah -

Mrs. Elora Baruah, a renowned Indian classical singer from Assam has performed a semi classical and Assamese folk song concert at a very prestigious venue in Bharatiya Vidya Bhawan Center Mount Batten Hall, in London on 17th October 2006. The concert was attended by many Assamese and non-Assamese music lovers from London and was highly appreciated. This whole concert was sponsored by Dr. Ranen Sarma, Rondeep Productions Limited UK.

Elora is also a renowned Assamese actress and she played an important role in Dr. Sarma's film Ahir Bhairav as well as singing the leading song in the film.

The London concert was a rare opportunity for the artist and the audience to enjoy Assamese music in London.

Mrs. Elora Baruah
in the film Ahir Bhairav

Mrs. Elora Baruah and Ahir Bhairav executive producer Archana Sarma in a scene of the film